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Zakee, is a multilingual Brazil-based award-winning cinematographer, director/producer, editor, and photographer.  For the past 15 years, Zakee’s career has specialized in creating images and audio textures within various mediums. 

In 2006 worked at FADER/Cornerstone as a FARM rep promoting artists such as Gnarls Barkley, MIA, and many more.

In 2011 Zakee showcased his musical talent by debuting a self-produced album entitled "Assimilations" on the Warner Music Group/ILG-GO label.  The album was later to receive "Top 20 Debut Albums of 2011" by MTV Iggy.

In 2012 Zakee worked as a music composer scoring the title music for Victoria Mahoney’s “Yelling to the Sky” film starring Zoe Kravitz & Gabourey Sidibe.  The film premiered In Competition at the 61st Berlin International Film Festival, where it competed for the Golden Bear award before being presented on Netflix.   This lead Zakee to constantly stretch his creative abilities and experimenting with new technology and storytelling.

In 2020 Zakee was awarded 2 gold Lovie awards for "best documentary" and "best video" for his documentary film "BRAZIL' GANG'S FIGHTING COVID 19". 


In 2021 Zakee was nominated by The Webby Awards for "Best Documentary" and "Best news + video" for his documentary film "BRAZIL' GANG'S FIGHTING COVID 19". 

Having worked with National Geographic, MSNBC, CNN, and many more Zakee acquired a unique and high skill level with visuals, logistics, and local connections that will make a story come to life.  Zakee strives to push the limit of music, art, and culture with hybrid sounds, emotions, and cinematic visions. Independent projects are key to Zakee as he splits his time being a director, producer, and musician.   




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